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The Power of Creativity

The benefits of a creative workforce are far and wide.  The energy and engagement they display is contagious and genuine.  They refuse to accept that problems must persist.  They refuse to not take advantage of new opportunities.  They refuse to not embrace thought diversity.  The result is more “Adaptability” in the organization that continuously innovates to maintain growth.


Employees are the most valuable asset of any organization.  Everyday organizations are striving to maintain a competitive edge and looking for opportunities of growth.  In the current environment of rapidly changing technology, social media, and workplace diversity organizations must innovate to stay ahead.  Employees trained in creative problem solving simply have a strategic advantage driving innovation.


Group Ignited provides unique and specialized creativity training and facilitation services to organizations seeking to solve big problems, develop a workforce of critical thinkers, or gain new ideas.  Creativity is not a mysterious force that only a few select people possess, creativity is a skill that can be learned and implemented “On Demand.”  If the solution is not obvious and the issue is costing you time, money, or team productivity then a different approach is needed.

“Creativity is the Most Crucial Factor for Future Success.”
—2010 IBM GLOBAL CEO study

Our Value

Our brand involves focusing on energy and process to create value.

Today we have so many things at our fingertips to make business easy but seemingly things get more and more complex.  A confusing, cumbersome, or no process at all is the enemy of innovation, which means things aren’t changing.

What’s your Problem?

Communications, Collaboration, Lack of Ideas, Action Planning…

Here’s a Solution

Deliberate Creativity involves the process of identifying problems, converting problems to opportunity, and creating the optimal solution, thereby driving innovation within your organization.

That Leads to Change
  • These are opportunities. The process should have people searching for these.
  • A process allows for faster and better solutions.
  • Now you are innovating.



The science of creativity and the energy of change are built into all of our services. The capacity for growth of your organization will skyrocket as your workforce gains the critical thinking skills to drive innovation.

Talent Development

Provide your workforce with the skills required to wield creativity that keeps organizations innovating and competitive. The need for the workforce to be more creative is being broadcast around the globe.


The FourSight Assessment is simply one of the best, fastest, and applicable methods to transform someone's awareness of self and problem solving. It is the Chuck Norris of the creativity world.

Team Development

High functioning teams take risks, they challenge, embody efficiency, and arrive at a more creative result. This doesn't happen spontaneously. Collaboration is a skill set not a buzzword. Stop 'building' and start transforming.


Expose your organization to the creative behaviours required to raise engagement and diversity of thought. GI workshops are hands on, full of activity, and customized to each client.


Build better ideas. Stretch thinking, alter perspectives, inspire engagement, and solve the biggest, wickedest problems that are eating money, time, and productivity from your organization.


Resource allocation isn't enough. Simply planning out how to engage existing resources only goes so far. Strategic Planning is all about the unseen vision and building NEW capabilities. Strategically build future ideas and their implementation.

Ready to go beyond the Sound Bite?

Grab your reading glasses, put all of your opportunities top of mind and read more about our services.



Our process is simple yet powerful.

Ignite group energy to drive engagement
Connect to a robust process to deliver the skill
Create a stimulating environment for learning

Innovation is about change.  Change requires a new level of conscious thinking.  Often organizations are unaware or unable to understand that the first step requires new energy.  Because change is hard work, without energy there is no fuel to think differently, work differently, and collaborate differently.  Group Ignited’s process of Ignite – Connect – Create emphasizes that engaged, energized people are the key to get things started.  Don’t mistake energy for people running around throwing paper planes.  Different situations require different energy.  Intrinsic, group, intellectual, curious are all different mental energies needed.  In this world of ever increasing complexities its easy to forget that a little excitement about creating change goes a long way.

GI is a small company with big energy and passion for engaging people. Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a 5 person non-profit, our process is the same. We help your organization build sustainability. Using science based thinking assessments, world recognized creative processes, and our brand of energy, we deliver boutique, customized engagements to clients.  We leave you with the tool.

Client Testimonial



“As a corporate professional for 15+ years I have participated in several training sessions over the years. Anthony and Nefetari from Group Ignited have been the best facilitators that I have ever experienced. They are professional, diligent, detailed, and goal driven. Their pre-training preparation was great. They took time before to meet with me and my staff to ensure they understood the desired outcomes, and then they went to the conference facility in advance to make sure the space was adequate for the activities they led. During the training they wowed my staff with activities that all enjoyed as it forced us to work together as a team. The creativity sessions they led were thought provoking, challenging, and impactful. My department is better because of this training; for that I am grateful.”

Stephen Jenkins
Clayton State University
Director of Recruitment and Admissions





The GI Team

We are a husband and wife team and we are literally Married to Creativity.

Nefetari - 'The Process'

Nefetari - 'The Process'

Creativity Facilitator, Engagement Design

Warning: She is curious and a clarifier so she will ask you tons of questions.

Nefetari Murph loves helping teams tap into their own creative energy. Nefetari spent 10 years at Kimberly Clark in the areas of material and product development and has a degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University. She has had the opportunity to launch new products, explore new market areas, and develop ideas from concept to prototype. She has spent a great deal of time understanding and translating consumer’s needs, attitudes, beliefs, and practices to drive business strategies.

She is a trained Creative Problem Solving Facilitator and loves the power and potential that the CPS process offers. Nefetari has consulted as a CPS and Insights facilitator and co-facilitated courses at the Creative Problem Solving Institute Annual Conference.

You can find Nefetari hanging out at the soccer fields with her children, teaching girls and boys basic sewing skills (yes–sewing is making a comeback), or making something with her hands.

Anthony - 'The Energy'

Anthony - 'The Energy'

Creativity Specialist, Client Engagement

Anthony, Co-Founder of Group Ignited, has a passion for teamwork, creativity, and fitness. He graduated from the University of Tennessee in Electrical Engineering and loves solving problems. In 2008 he created Team Xtreme which took place in Piedmont Park in Atlanta. This would be a first in a long line of innovative products that engaged people in an energetic and creative manner. A banner product was designed by Anthony in 2013, UQuest Urban Adventure Race. UQuest debuted in Atlanta and continued in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville in 2014.

As a certified FourSight and Simplexity Facilitator, Anthony helps individuals and teams discover how they can enhance their thinking styles and boost innovation. Numerous organizations have benefited from the energy and creativity that he brings when designing activities.

He is an avid indoor cycling instructor and teaches with, yes you guessed it… Lots of energy! If you are in Atlanta, shoot Anthony an email to find out how to catch his next cycling class. Anthony is a husband and father and you can catch him snow skiing or snowboarding in the winter and chasing his two kids around the soccer field in the summer. His favorite food is cake, really good cake.

We call ourselves Group Ignited because the bottom line is helping organizations build intrinsic motivation and engagement through creativity.  A highly motivated team that knows they can make a difference is a huge asset to any organization and that we call a Group Ignited.


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