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Generate immediate solutions to realize opportunities and to solve problems. Did we mention immediately?

Highly interactive activities that strengthen a teams ability to collaborative and creatively solve problems.


The Power of Creativity

The benefits of a creative workforce are far and wide.  The energy and engagement they display is contagious and genuine.  They refuse to accept that problems must persist.  They refuse to not take advantage of new opportunities.  They refuse to not embrace thought diversity.  The result is more “Adaptability” in the organization that continuously innovates to maintain growth.

Invest in your most valuable asset

Employees are the most valuable asset of any organization.  Everyday organizations are striving to maintain a competitive edge and looking for opportunities of growth.  In the current environment of rapidly changing technology, social media, and workplace diversity organizations must innovate to stay ahead.  Employees trained in creative problem solving simply have a strategic advantage driving innovation.

Creativity is a skill that can be learned

Group Ignited provides unique and specialized creativity training and facilitation services to organizations seeking to solve big problems, develop a workforce of critical thinkers, or gain new ideas.  Creativity is not a mysterious force that only a few select people possess, creativity is a skill that can be learned and implemented “On Demand.”  If the solution is not obvious and the issue is costing you time, money, or team productivity then a different approach is needed.

“Creativity is the Most Crucial Factor for Future Success.”
—2010 IBM GLOBAL CEO study



Group Ignited clients include Corporations, Non-Profit Organizations, and Municipalities. The size of the clients isn’t as important as identifying what type of energy is needed to generate ideas or create stronger bonds. We take a custom approach to each client we ignite. Our clients are typically looking for something different.


Here’s What Our Some of Our Clients Have to Say About Us


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“As a corporate professional for 15+ years I have participated in several training sessions over the years. Anthony and Nefetari from Group Ignited have been the best facilitators that I have ever experienced. They are professional, diligent, detailed, and goal driven. Their pre-training preparation was great. They took time before to meet with me and my staff to ensure they understood the desired outcomes, and then they went to the conference facility in advance to make sure the space was adequate for the activities they led. During the training they wowed my staff with activities that all enjoyed as it forced us to work together as a team. The creativity sessions they led were thought provoking, challenging, and impactful. My department is better because of this training; for that I am grateful.”

Stephen Jenkins
Clayton State University
Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Recent Clients and Partners

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"88 percent of all organizations have either the word “innovation” or “creativity” in their mission statements. Yet, less than 5 percent of them actually have programs in place that teach innovation or creativity and make it part of the culture." -Innovation Network





Our process is simple yet powerful

Children are so creative because they have the benefit of not knowing what is possible. Therefore everything is feasible.  This makes for a very exciting world.


Our process is simple yet powerful.  Ignite – Connect – Create.  Ignite your team with energy.  Connect your team to an effective process.  Create the environment that allows creativity and innovation to develop.  Before we bust out the flip charts, sticky notes, and theory, the energy experience for the team needs to be created.

Call it creativity or just plain crazy, we get butts in the seats. If you engage an outside company, you deserve something different and impactful.  Group Ignited designs the environment to deliver an exceptional energy experience to allow your team to stretch their thinking and begin to build breakthrough ideas and stronger bonds.

 Group Energy

We call ourselves Group Ignited because we love generating group energy.  Experts agree that children innovate and create naturally and are excited to do it.  Visions of a childlike workforce running around screaming, playing, and solving huge problems are intriguing. In everyday work situations there are habits and patterns that can unintentionally lead to periods of myopia.  To spur continuous innovation and to counter myopia, positive group energy must be maintained.

Robust Process

Now that we are all energized, running around in an inspiring environment the process begins. Breakthrough ideas are not born, they are developed through collaboration. Collaboration that stretches thinking, forces connections, and allows people to think big.  We utilize the Osborne-Parnes model of Creative Problem Solving that has been implemented worldwide for over 50 years. The FourSight Thinking Profile is used to explore and enhance thinking styles.  We are enthusiastic, prepared, energetic, and highly skilled Facilitators that deliver the tools and techniques your organization can embrace to continuously create and innovate long after we have walked out of your doors.

Environments Count

Everyday organizations and companies are increasingly trying to become more innovative and creative.  The pressure of keeping up with competitors, society, and technology places continuous pressure on your people.  Often times a group is tasked with the directive “be more innovative” or “we need new ideas now.”  Our approach is that we have very little control over how innovative or creative a group is but we have maximum control over the environment that will allow these things to explode.



Meet Our Team

Anthony Murph, Co-Founder – “The Energy”

Anthony, Co-Founder of Group Ignited, has a passion for teamwork, creativity, and fitness. He graduated from the University of Tennessee in Electrical Engineering and loves solving problems. In 2008 he created Team Xtreme which took place in Piedmont Park in Atlanta. This would be a first in a long line of innovative products that engaged people in an energetic and creative manner. A banner product was designed by Anthony in 2013, UQuest Urban Adventure Race. UQuest debuted in Atlanta and continued in Atlanta, Charlotte, and Nashville in 2014.

As a certified FourSight Facilitator, Anthony helps individuals and teams discover how they can enhance their thinking styles and boost innovation. Numerous organizations have benefited from the energy and creativity that he brings when designing activities.

He is an avid indoor cycling instructor and teaches with, yes you guessed it… Lots of energy! If you are in Atlanta, shoot Anthony an email to find out how to catch his next cycling class. Anthony is a husband and father and you can catch him snow skiing or snowboarding in the winter and chasing his two kids around the soccer field in the summer. His favorite food is cake, really good cake.

Nefetari Murph, Co-Founder – “The Process”

Warning: She is curious and a clarifier so she will ask you tons of questions.

Nefetari Murph loves helping teams tap into their own creative energy. Nefetari spent 10 years at Kimberly Clark in the areas of material and product development and has a degree in Chemical Engineering from North Carolina A&T State University. She has had the opportunity to launch new products, explore new market areas, and develop ideas from concept to prototype. She has spent a great deal of time understanding and translating consumer’s needs, attitudes, beliefs, and practices to drive business strategies.

She is a trained Creative Problem Solving Facilitator and loves the power and potential that the CPS process offers.  Nefetari has consulted as a CPS and Insights facilitator and co-facilitated courses at the Creative Problem Solving Institute Annual Conference.
You can find Nefetari hanging out at the soccer fields with her children, teaching girls and boys basic sewing skills (yes–sewing is making a comeback), or making something with her hands.



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