Innovation Category Descriptions

There is no ‘one size fits all’ innovation solution due to the uniqueness of each organization’s culture.  Our goal is to establish a common language with clients when exploring innovation.  This allows for better conversations in determining a cohesive strategy to build a culture that sustains innovation.

Our creativity and innovation services fall into 6 categories.  The category is the ultimate impact to the organization and our service is how we deliver.  Click on a category for a brief description.

Innovation Training provides the awareness, knowledge, and skill to your people so they can utilize the creative process to drive innovation.

Our facilitation sessions allow your people to efficiently clarify problems and develop innovative solutions.  We take your people through designed creativity sessions that improve products, services, policies, and more.

Workshops are designed to give different aspects of creative skill that can be applied immediately.  These sessions also model how innovation meetings should be designed.  They are highly interactive with activity, learning, and application.

Facilitated session to allow people to formulate a plan to launch a new initiative.  This helps to quickly bring together and synthesize a wide range of perspectives, ideas, and concerns.  Utilizing creativity for strategy enables organizations to formulate a plan that has solid business components thereby increasing the likelihood of implementation.

Mindset.  Thinking profiles are assessments that show people how they solve problems.  This awareness combined with an understanding of positive creative behaviors can jump start an innovation mindset within your culture.

Our company name is inspired by having energized teams.  A highly motivated team that knows they can make a difference is a huge asset to any organization.  Their energy is contagious and helps drive an innovative culture that spreads.

Team Development involves focusing on collaborative strategies that can be sustained for High Performance.  We define High Performance as being able to identify problems, generate business solutions, and implement.  The efficiency and quality of ideas in which a team can continuously repeat this loop will define their performance.

GI Innovation Services Portfolio


Description:  ‘Ignite Innovation – Intensive‘ is designed for organizations that wish to train their people to master the innovation process.  The creative process is a multi-stage process that empowers individuals to utilize a world-renown strategy to drive innovation.

Duration:  7 sessions over 2 to 6 months
Group Size: 4 to 12
Includes: FourSight Assessment, Training Kit, Tools & Techniques, Project-Based Sessions, Implementation Support

Description:  ‘Ignite Innovation – Spark‘ is designed to increase the tool set and skill set of individuals engaged in daily problem-solving.  This course offers customized innovation tools that are relevant to specific tasks that teams or individuals are facing.

Duration:  2-4 Sessions over 1 to 2 months
Group Size: 4 to 12
Includes: Training Kit, Tools & Techniques, Project Based Sessions, Implementation Support


Description:  ‘Challenge Mapping’ is designed to collaboratively map out strategy.  This process may reveal capabilities or skills that are not yet present in the organization.  This allows collaborative visioning of how any barriers may be overcome thereby increasing success of any given plan.

Duration:  1-3 Days
Group Size: 8-16

Description:  Custom innovation service that allows GI to work side by side with project leaders, managers, and staff of your organization.  Due to the novelty of some opportunities or barriers, an evolving creative solution is required.  With the end goal defined, this service allows your organization to pivot based on new information or results gleaned during implementation.  

Duration:  Custom
Group Size: Custom (usually involves working with individuals, project leaders, and entire teams)

Description:  ‘Change Mapping – Boosting Alignment & Prioritization’ is a facilitated creativity session for teams or leaders to coalesce around vision. Traditionally clarifying obstacles doesn’t receive enough energy within organizations.  We are quick to solve.  Change Mapping illuminates objective viewpoints so that teams or leaders can align around vision and strategically agree on priorities.

Duration:  Custom
Group Size: Leadership Teams, Teams


Description:  ‘Ignite Ideation – New Products & Services’ is a facilitated creativity session designed to unearth novelty for an organization’s product line.  This novelty can be either incremental or breakthrough but ultimately helping the organization maintain a competitive edge.  These sessions are full of energy, activity, and process to stretch thinking.

Duration:  1 to 3 days
Group Size: 8 to 16

smaller size

Description:  ‘Ignite Ideation – New Procedures & Processes’ is a facilitated creativity session designed to revise internal operations within an organization.  This is the nexus of the strategy to inspire all departments of an organization to engage in innovation.  

Duration:  1 to 3 days
Group Size: 8 to 16

smaller size

Description:  ‘Ignite Clarity – Problem Definition Intensive’ is a facilitated creativity session designed to focus on understanding the true nature of an obstacle or opportunity.  All to often organizations hasten this process to focus on solutions.  This process is messy and time consuming but with the proper tools and techniques it can unlock understanding that saves time and money down the road. 

Duration:  Custom
Group Size: 8 to 16

smaller size

“Given one hour to save the planet, I would spend 59 minutes understanding the problem and one minute resolving it.”  Author Unknown


Description:  ‘Ignite Collaboration – Intensive‘ is designed to build High Performing Teams.  This course establishes a mutual understanding of team dynamics, problem-solving styles, and social behavior.  This allows teams to effectively reduce the feedback loop which is the time required to understand an obstacle or opportunity, generate innovative ideas, and implement a business solution.

Duration:  2-3 Sessions over 1 to 2 weeks
Group Size: 1 to 3 Teams
Includes: FourSight Assessment, Training Kit, Project-Based Sessions, Implementation Support

Description:  ‘Ignite Collaboration – Spark‘ is designed to enhance team dynamics.  This course establishes a mutual understanding of problem-solving styles.  This allows teams to have a better understanding of how each team member approaches problems while realizing that all approaches are needed.  A great course for team building and to instantly improve team dynamics.

Duration:  2-4 Hours
Group Size: 1 Team
Includes: FourSight Assessment, Training Kit, Implementation Support


Description:  ‘Spark Innovation – Boosting Creative Confidence ‘ is a workshop designed to increase psychological safety within organizations.  There is a deliberate innovation mindset that encourages people to fully engage in solving organizational problems.   This workshop illuminates creative behaviours and creative killers.

Duration:  2-6 hours
Group Size: 8 to 20
Includes: Training Kit, Implementation Support

Description:  ‘Spark Innovation – Boosting Creative Competence ‘ is a workshop designed impart problem solving tools and skill.  The foundation of deliberate creativity is to utilize the tools of a universal creative process to drive innovation.

Duration:  2-6 hours
Group Size: 8 to 20
Includes: Training Kit, Tools & Techniques, Implementation Support

Description:  ‘Spark Innovation – Boosting Creative Collaboration ‘ is designed to strategically put together the elements required for collaboration.  This involves innovating as a group and structuring an environment to allow for the positive team dynamics.  Building a collaborative environment requires establishing ground rules such as deferral of judgement, challenging ideas, and building ideas.

Duration:  2-6 hours
Group Size: 8 to 20
Includes: Training Kit, Tools & Techniques, Implementation Support
Prerequisite: Boosting Creative Confidence, Boosting Creative Competence

Description:  ‘Creative Leadership to Sustain Innovation’ is a workshop designed for leaders who are seeking to build repeatable innovation activities. 

Duration:  Custom
Group Size: 8 to 20
Includes: Implementation Support

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Head and Gears (large) _ updated


Description:  The FourSight Assessment reveals what type of creative thinker you are.  FourSight allows people to understand a multi-step thinking process to drive innovation.  We all approach problem solving differently and each style is needed.  FourSight provides a great introduction to innovation and helps establish a powerful Mindset for daily problem-solving.

Duration:  2-4 Hours
Group Size: 8 to 20
Includes: FourSight Assessment, Training Kit

GI Custom Design Innovation Services

I am launching a new initiative and want to increase the odds of success

It’s likely you are involved with an issue that has never been solved.  These situations are ideal for innovation solutions.  GI will utilize the creative process to help you develop a winning strategy.  A significant number of clients are in this bucket and we have successfully co-designed innovative strategies to get results.

Silos, generational clash, lack of diversity is slowing down my team

The critical thinking and soft skill training that creativity provides gives remarkable stability and focus to organizations with less than optimal team dynamics.

Everyone can speak the language of problem solving.

People love working for creative leaders, understanding this is vital

We have special presentations to give leaders an understanding of what Creative Leadership means and how it can inspire or limit innovation.  The data on Creative Leaders is already in, people love to work for them and fully engage their talents within the organization.

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We need effective soft skill training for our Learning & Development

Learning and Development & Human Resources Departments are constantly evaluating methods to raise engagement and reduce turnover.  Having the latest training techniques is vital to utilizing new research about thinking and the human brain.  Creative methods are constantly evolving and creativity soft skill training can be a game changer.

4C Ignite Process

Build Creative Capability with our 4C Ignite Process – Learn More
Each service in the portfolio is marked with a 4C strategic area.  

Creative Confidence
People Focus

Creative Competence
Skill & Tool Focus
Work Differently

Creative Collaboration
Team Focus
Mutual Understanding

Creative Culture
Best Practices
Sustain Innovation